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Monday, May 29, 2006 @2:16 AM

aww. i miss the activities!
but actually i can't really stand the horrible living conditions. the toilet and the beds! i didn't really dared to step into the toilet. it was so squeezy and dirty. but i couldn't go on without bathing for 4 days. bathed on the 2nd and 3rd day. it wasn't really bad after all. but someone from my dorm dropped SOMETHING in the toilet that choked up the whole drainage system. haha. i don't really know who that person is. but nevermind. haha.
the bed was kinda dirty and it bedsheet was so faded. but everyone thought they stole it from SIA or wad cos there were these really big words "PROPERTY OF SIA"hahah. before i sleep, i had to lay my small little towel onto the bed. and sleep on it. haha. oh and the pillow was really hard. i brought my own pillow so i didn't suffer(: haha; oh and at night i became really really cold and i couldn't sleep. i didn't dare to get my jacket from my bag. 1. i was scared my dormmates thought i was a thief or what. 2. i was scared of the dark! but in the end i had no choice but to sneak to my bag. haha. every morning i was always the latest to wake up. there was once when i woke up at 7 which was really late cos we needed to meet at the day 1 by 7.25. yup. meals were okay. just that the plates that everyone washed were a little dirty.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 @2:45 AM

(: at jasmines house now. eating chocolates and drinking orange juice. had cross country today. me and jasmine started off with kimberly and meibin at firest but we walked our way through. haha. the 'walk' was so boring. yupp. but jasmine was telling me some really INTERESTING and FUNNY stuff. hahah. and we were like the last few to reach the finishing line.hahah. how embarrassing. and all the teachers were in front of us. ): after cross country. we waited really long for that no. 156 to come. and when we went up the whole bus was packed with mg girls. practically the whole bus. and everyone was saying this bus was chartered for mgs. then i stayed at jasmines houswe for a while. omg! jasmine's dog are soooo FREAKY. they were running so fast! then when her maid took off the leash. the big fat dag ran into the house. then i didn't know! it was running towards me. and i was reading some magazine. then i got a shock. and i jumped onto the sofa. btw, i threw the magazine up. so scared of jasmine's dog.! )': anyway i hate dogs(: hahah. i'm so lonely at her house now. she just left for tuition. oh btw. we took neoprints at j8. and guess wad i pressed that freaking button before we even started decorating. stupid. so we didn't really decorate it! waste my money.! stupid! i have to leave jasmine's house soon. need to take 156 to bugis station then cross the road and take 52 to my tuition place.): don't feel like going): i'm so scared to step out of jasmine's house! those dogs!):

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 @4:40 AM

cant post the pictures.):
somethings wrong!

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@3:27 AM

yay! i finally got to go ou! really fun, though it's only two of us.(: hahah. left the house at 1035. late! reached the busstop at 1045. i waited so long for the stupid no. 10. haha. so i went up and i was watching the 9oclock show. yesterdays replay. hahah. and guess what! i missed harbourfront busstop. so stupid then i din know wad to do so i was waiting to see where the bus brought me to. haha. then went all the way to raffles. when i got down i was so lost! so i was trying to find any mrt nearby. walked and walked down then i saw tanjong pagar mrt! yay! so i took the mrt to bugis. then i waited there for 20 mins! meibin! take so long. haiya. then we went up to take neos. haha. so funny we didn't know wad pose to do and we did some rubbish shots. hah and we had this big problem designing it. haha. but it turned out quite nice. anyway i look like some idiotic monkey! haha.(: after that we went down and crossed the road to bugis street. wanted to buy fake specs. but all those that we saw look very wierd hahaah. so we left the place. went back to bugis again. bot buble tea tasted wierd. hahah. then we went up to the highest level. went into the jap store. omg. so nice. i bought 4 files.(1 for zenn) ya and stickers (poop pictures) how cuteee! ok. stayed in that shop for so long and i was about to buy a kapo monkey keychain. hah. but didn't cos it was too ex. then we went down and as we were walking out, we saw leo. but it was really funny!
meibin: eh! that's lincoln!
gale: where?
meibin: that blue colour one.
gale: huh where?
(me and mb went up the escalator to see.)
meibin pointed.
gale: oh ya. but its leo la. hahah
then i was like: aiya don't care la. anyway he was rushing into a restaurant. ya.
so we went down again. ya then took mrt to orchard.
on the way to cine, i saw mchelle chia, kym ng and others outside wisma. they were filming so funny think it was for some fashion show. went to cine but it was kinda boring. went up. took another neoprint. hahah. so funny! it was so nice they had this new machine the one you can sit on a chair and actually in the photo you r seating on a swing! so fun! ahhh! so we put on our new specs and acted like nerds! haha. then there were others too(: yupp. then we went to walk around saw so many mg girls. hahah. ok then went down. this meibin ah! so wierd her shoe was gonna break so we couldn't run haha. went to heeren next. went up. and walked. nothing much.-_-ya. din buy anything. yupp. oh i did! i bought this really cute pencil case. hahah. we din walk that much cos meibin couldn't walk much. she was scared that her shippers would break. hahah. so we wen tdown and went back to cine for lunch(: we were walking 1 big round around cine. then suddenly saw mrs lee. we stared at each other then said mrs lee! omg! so we ran away laughing! we went to the other end and looked at her. we wanted to know who she was waiting for then ahe looked our directiion so we said quickly look away! ya and we stared at her again oh man! she stared back.. so we ran into burger king! haha. then when we were ordering, meibin saw mrs lee walking into burger king. haha. so didn't know whether to say hi to her. meibin said we had to show her some respect and she asked me to say with her but i didn't dare. then we went to sit far far away from her. then i wanted to get mayo and ketchup. but mrs lee was ordering so i made meibin get it for me. haha. after eating we din say hi to her and just left. rude(: nvmm. we went to somerset mrt. and meibin took a bus back i was about to take mrt to harbourfrt for mummy to pick me up but she told me to go orchard mrt then walk to wheelock. yup. i had to walk so far! 10 mins. haha. then went to pick zenn. okok; end of my long story!(: gonna post some photos.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006 @3:13 AM

just came back from school. went through answers today. i thought we were getting back our papers but its actually on thursday! yay. so my plans for tomorrow wont be spoiled. haha. jas just told me her mum don't allow her to go out. haiya. then now. i dunno who to go with): but i'll find someone!(: ahh! tomorrow morning got piano lesson.eww. cos today i missed her lesson. sigh. so boring. recess was fun we were teasing nava. cos she was so eager to know about the results for the prefect nominations.haha. so funny. but she ran away in the end. then we had free geog period!yay! so we had a super long recess. but after that i went to the library with tiff and sher. sher sneaked those chips into the library.haha. but din rea lly eat la. the computers in the library had no internet la. they blocked it. stupid. so there was only icy tower and happy land. tiff so funny she tot me how to play icy tower. cos im so lousy! ya. haha. then i was so scared that i went back to class. bu ttiff and sher din allow me. so bad. ya. but the librarian had to go for lunch again. so she chased us out again! ya. went back to class and saw our class tee! yay. but it wasn't really nice. okok la. the fontat the back was wierd. couldn't really see our names. ya. hist so boring la. oh then me and davelle started entagling nava in thread again yay! so fun we were rolling the thread all ove her body from her head hair then all the way to her legs. hah. then ki mberly so bad go and cut the thread off her body. waste our effort and time!):
congrats to:
sigh. how i wish kimmy was a prefect!): love bullying kimberly!

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Monday, May 08, 2006 @7:29 AM

so stressed up. okok wait tania just freaked me out! omg omgomgomg! tania ng! your post has this website. ohman. i clicked it and this horrible article came out with 3 even more horrible pictures. grossgrossgross! sick! ok.
tomorrow ill be getting back my marks. very scared! bio: minus more than 10 marks already. die! chem: better! hope i'll get good marks!(:

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Sunday, May 07, 2006 @5:49 AM

havn't been posting for the last few day. not days, WEEKS. hahah. i don't really know why. i just didn't feel like posting and also because i had no time. oh no. i'm scared for the exam papers! i want high marks. really scared! ): i have no confidence for bio. i dont know why everyone finds bio super easy! oh dear! im the tatal opposite. i thought chem was easier than bio. i must have problem. okay, i shall blog about today. this morning went to imm for breakfast. went to burger king. bot the bacon sandwich meal. then when it came i open the wrapping and just lifted the burger then i only saw the egg without th ebacon. so i brought it to the counter to complain. then the man said okay. he was about to change, but he checked the burger again and said it was bacon. so i took it back and saw the bacon. it was so embarrassing! then when i went back to eat i was opening the packet of ketchup and i pulled too hard that the whole cup of ice milo dropped off the table. so loud. then the man was starring! i havn't even started taking a sip from the milo yet! so me and zenn moved to the next table. don't wanna tag anymore about today. it's so boring): just came back fom keppel.collected my bowling ball. on thursday i was having club trainig and it have 3 deep cuts. so the worker helped me patch them back. hahah. ate at sakae for dinner me zenn korkor and mummy finished 23 plates. not alot cos i ordered udon and korkor ordered ramen. hahh. then went montip. bought some stuff. yup. oh thanks carmen and jasmine and whoever i forgot for their birthday presents! haha. i can't wait for thursday! i can finally go out. hope nothing spoils my plan! going bugis with jasmine! havn't asked others yet. haha. 2o's planning a class outing! yay! but i hope it's not on wed!

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