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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 @4:40 AM

the dog!
wild wild wet!
our room
bed. ppl slept on the floor
me jas and sarah.
our mascot!(:

mac's dinner
really funny! jinnie and michelle.
me and grace!
athena! our flag!
still have more photos but there's too many!

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@4:15 AM

today was quite boring. but i didn't sleep during chinese today! hahah. very rare. most of the chinese periods i would be sleeping. cos that's the only time in school i can sleep. without the teacher noticing. anyway. in the morning i know i had training in the afternoon. but at 12 i realised i forgot to bring my bowling shirt and skirt. so i made mummy go to the alley and bring it for me.

tiffany was so bad to me! yesterday during com lesson. we were viewing our camp photos. then there was one damn funny photo of me cleaning the table. damn embarrassing la. cos everyone in the school can view them. and tiff kept laughing at it. anyway i was laughing at other people too. then tiff was chatting with a friend and she started laughing so i saw her windows and she sent my shity photo to her friend! omg!!! so i grabbed her mouse and cancelled the transfer. wah! lucky ah!

anyway during training, zhiyun kept singing. and she was forcing jasmine to sing cos she wanna hear her voice. evil right! oh nvm. and nearing the end of training uncle john said we had to strilke first before we pack up. then on our lane zhiyun striked 1st then grace hahh. i didn't manage to strinke so me jia and jinnne have to do 1/2 hr of balance drill next training):

oh and btw i'm so sad cos keppel's not sending any team for youth day challenge. sad!

tomorrow i might go kap with meibin. need to do our i not stupid project. due next monday. ):

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Monday, June 26, 2006 @7:38 AM

it has been a LONG time since i last blogged. hahah. anyway bowling camp was quite fun! hahah. bunked with michelle florry cheryl jinnie. yupp. but grace and jas came over too.
left at 9 on friday for malaysia. didn't do anything much, so boring lah. no sale! that's really bad): cos i went there to shop. bot very little things. oh and ther was a ice skating competition there too. very nice! some competitors were from singapore. haha.

anyway i missed so many things! like the bbq at trina's and tania's. training and interclub.):

okok. back to work. first day of new smester. and i'm already loaded with homework):
1 chinese compre
2 to kill a mockingbird essay (shit!)
3 math inverse proportion
4 read that da chang jin book. and test is on thursday.DIE!
5 home econs one dish meal.
6 life science human genetic whatever.
i can't remember!

notes for TKAM! i found this! and i have to like rewrite it using some information from here.): i wanna sleep!

Analysis: Chapters 7–8
Originally portrayed as a freak and a lunatic, Boo Radley continues to gain the sympathy of the children in these chapters. Lee uses an elliptical technique in telling Boo’s story—she hints and implies at what is happening without ever showing the reader directly. The reader must read between the lines—inferring, for instance, that it was Boo Radley who mended Jem’s pants and placed the presents in the tree, since Scout does not realize that Boo’s hand is at work until Jem explains things to Atticus after the fire.
In comparison to Scout’s still very childish perspective, Jem’s more mature understanding of the world is evident here, along with his strong sense of justice. When Nathan Radley plugs up the hole in the tree, Scout is disappointed but hardly heartbroken, seeing it as merely the end of their presents. Jem, on the other hand, is brought to tears, because he grasps that Boo’s brother has done something cruel: he has deprived Boo of his connection to the wider world and has broken up his brother’s attempt at friendship. This incident, which the reader must detect behind the scenes of Scout’s narrative, plays into the novel’s broad theme of suffering innocence, and Jem’s anger at this injustice foreshadows his later fury concerning
Tom Robinson’s trial. While Scout retains her innocence and optimism throughout the book, Jem undergoes severe disillusionment as part of his “growing up,” and the Boo Radley incident in this chapter is an important early step toward that disillusionment.
The implicit comparison between Boo’s soap figures and Jem and Scout’s snowman reveals the difference in how each party interacts with others. Whereas Boo carves his figures out of a desire to connect with the two kids, Jem and Scout craft their snowman out of a dislike for Mr. Avery. Further, Boo doesn’t make his carvings for himself; rather, he offers them as presents. Jem and Scout, on the other hand, make the snowman purely for their own enjoyment. Boo interacts with others on their terms, while the children, not yet mature, interact with others on their own terms.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006 @6:40 AM

at keppel fun bowl<3

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@5:33 AM


check this out!



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@4:25 AM


it wasn't fun lah. just like normal bowling like that. even worst than normal bowling arh! i sit there do nth one. at least got TANIA and TRINA! yay! yeah.
there was quite a lot of prices. yupp.
got: tissue paper-_-
campbell soup
salompas-_-( is this how you spell it)
m&ms( so lil' lah!)
muncys(some lousy biscuit)
hahah. yea. quite lousy lah. but nvm. every time me and trina got some rubbish stuff stated on the lucky draw paper like campbell or tissue paper. we would change it for something else. hahah. tannia was too paiseh. (: oh then i got campbell on my paper and i went to the to claim it. told wenhan i wanted something else then he passed me the tissue and said "this one. you can use it for your period" so stupid-_-' wth. he told trina that too. hahah. then i told her "anyway not absorbant enough."hahah. oh then i went up with trina. and we saw this really cute little girl so she was running awy from us. hahah/ yah. then we took some photos. we sat on the buffet table hahah. oh then i took a randomn photo of trina when she wasn't looking so funny! she looked so umm ____ in that photo. then she took a photo of me. very retarded. i looked so sissy in that photo lah. eww.
okay. then during low game we didn't want to play cos we wanted to be the announcers. hahah/ but pur team didn''t have enough players so we all just keyed in one name and me tania trina and zenn played as "KAKA" hah. cos trina chose that name.
then moonlight bowling we wanted to put all the soccer player's name. haha. but we changed it back in the end cos some ppl in our team didn't know the names. we played as one name again. this time "SUMO - HIPPO" hahah. then trina was announcing and tania was giving out the prizes. i was helping trina(: (right trina?) hahah.
before dinner. we ran to the arcade to play. yeah. trina played the gun game(whatever you call it) then we went to play the toy grabbing machine. quite fun la. but we din get anything we wasted like 6 to 8 dollars. haha. then when the thing went down trina was shouting the when the thing didn't get picked up. she scremed so loud until everyone iun the arcade stared at her. then got one more time when it was going down i accidentally pressed a button and it went up. so we wasted i try.-_- hahah. wanna play somemore. hahah. dinner was great! hahah
daddy and mummy went for a wedding dinner. vegetarian one hahah! they didn't really want to go haha. but no choice.

ahh! got training tomorrow (yishun 9.30) need to wake up so early)':

3 days to bowling camp!
5 days to kl! (need to ask teachers for early release from bowling camp on friday!)

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Saturday, June 17, 2006 @3:47 AM

nag was quite okay.
at least i improved from the 1st day. at first i was like 39th position. now 15th. cos' there were a few girls who came in from squad A. i was very happy with my 170 average on the 4th day. yupp. but sadly my team got 5th for quartet. it's okay!(:
yesterday's training was quite fun. michelle dropped her ball suddenly and uncle john tought she fell. hahah. so funny! oh and i had to correct my footwork and timing. ): it'll take some time.
anyway this morning i went to support zhiyun and jinnie at masters nag. didn't do anything much. oh and i went for tuition after that. so lil' people. oh and i realised that one of the students from my class is a bowler from msh i think. hahahh.

there's no inter-club tonight. (: gonna go out to eat then fetch daddy from the airport.

okay. i hate this woman! someone from ______. she signed up my fater for funn bowling when my dad said he really didnt want to cos he has a wedding dinner tomorrow night. so irritating. then when my mum knew abt it she asked for withdrawal. but she said 'oh the registration date close already so cannot withdraw."and she said "anyway you wont mind paying $12"idiot. as though she's so poor or what. so in need of money. anyway $12 won't solve any financial problems or whatever. -_-

going to bowling camp and kl next week yay!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 @11:05 PM

NAG DOUBLES JUST ENDED. yupp. i bowled quite badly.):
average dropped from yesterday.
i only woke up in the last game. ): yupp. spared the 1st 5 frames but on the 6th i was left with pin 4 and 7 after the 1st shot. oh and i really wanted to hit them. cos' it was the last game that can bring my score up.): but i hit 7 and missed 10!): then the same thing happened on the 9th frame. and i closed the 10th frame. so angry la!
oh btw, i'm at some toyota service centre now. mummy is servicing her car.
actually for tomorrow, i don't really care wad my score would be cos' there's no hope of me gettng into masters or whatever. and i can confirm that my team won't win a medal for quartet. okay, no mater how well my team bowls.
i don't know if i should go for training tonight. i feel like going. but tomorrow there's quartet.
oh wait, but since i won't stand any chances in anything for nag. then i think it's okay going for training tonight. yupp. i shall just bowl my normal game tomorrow(:

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Monday, June 12, 2006 @7:13 PM

nag singles 1st block was like shit! the lanes were so diffficult to bowl! i bowled like 125 avg only): ): ): ): ): and guess what i only got my 1st strike towards the end of the second game! then i couldn't really find my line. during the 5 min practice i was quite lost. but i could spare pin 10. during the 3 games i couldn't spare a single pin10): then someone told me it was bços i used the wrong ball. ): and zenn is 3rd currently for singles 1st block. but still got 2nd block(:
oh shit! i gonna have piano lesson soon.
hope i can bowl better on wed. thurs and friday.(:

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Sunday, June 11, 2006 @7:23 AM

went to bowl this morning(: played 3 games. but i was just PLAYING didin't want to concentrate. yupp.
then had to rush to keppel for youth medal.): stupid ***** ***** was quite angry when i told her i wanted to withdraw from youth medal yesterday. i told her my excuse and she was quite angry. wth. then she told me öh! it's only 3-6-9, you don't have to complete the entire game! but i really didn't want. cos there's nag on monday which is like tomorrow?! i'm damn tired now):
this month's youth medal was like shit. ): i got 7th out of 10. eww. ): so sad. all because of that super low game. 147. it's like the worst game in the competition. and all because of 1 person! argh! so irritating leh! wenhan kept irritating me. disturbing me! he kept saying "you better get strike ah! later your mother scold!" and "gale! your mother is going to scold you!" and when i was about to bowl he was making so much noise! and tania and trina were scolding for being so mean(: oh then the funny part is when he got a split. hahah. so funny then i told tania it was retribution cos'he said the wrong things.
hahah. then everyone went to see the scoreboard. then i asked tania to help me. hahah. i came up with a plan to hide his bowling ball. then we were like thinking where to hide it. hahha. but he was coming back already so i took it and hid it under the chair. tania was like "he can see la!" but we couldn't think of anywhere else. then tania took it and dumped it into someone's bag. hahah. damn funny! then later he came and ask tania where his ball was. but we acted like we din know anything hahahah. and i went to bowl first hahah. but tania told him in the end la(:
oh sat's inter club 5-0 (: yayyy! 1st time.
ohno! nag tomorrow! don't feel like bowling): shall sleep early

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 @9:06 PM

i havn't blogged about yesterday(:
during training: i was bowling with cheryl CG, kymberly, jasminePAU, zhimin and taugay. hhaha so funny we did drills first ya. that part was quite boring(: yupp. then zhimin asked uncle john if we were gonna play games. then we played about one and a half hours of games. 3 games la. oh and when we were keying in the names, i typed jasmine's name as JASMINEPAULINE. hahahah damn funny cos that day everyine was calling her pauline. actually zhimn typed JASMINE but i added PAULINE. hahah. so funny. and whenever her it was her turn to bowl, all of us would be laughing like some mad dogs! haha. especially taugay and zhimin. and when jasmine gets a spare. then her name would flash on the screen a few times. that worse! hahah! SO FUNNY! oh ya. then jasmine was very irritated cos evertone was bowling well except her. and whenever she hits 7, 8 or 9 pins i'll laugh and say not bad! hahah. so funny and when she hits a strike, all of us would clap so loud. hahah. esp zhimin. haha. then we went on to our 2nd game i started off very badly.): cos i wasn't concetrating i even threw a gutter shot for the first ball. then i was really angry. until uncle john shouted "gale! focus!" so scary. then jasmine wanted to cancel the pauline off her name. haha. so me and tau were mending the machine, ya then we backspace and i was doing it halfway and pressed enter. and it was like JASMINEPAU hahah. we were like laughing even more! so funnny! and that pau gave us really good luck! yah. but towards the end everyone was bowling badly except jas. so irritating. and during the 3rd game i threw another gutter shot. my score ended up quite high but could be higher! sll because of that gutter ball.
of at keppel squad challenge, i bowled like shit!): so sad i was really tired already and my mother was like showing me some black face. irritating when it ended she was at the sofa screaming at me. idiot! anyway i didn't feel embarrassed. she should be the one feeling embarrassed. but she thinks i would. wth. so i was shouting back ya. and some bowlers heard it. ya. ): i was really angry! she expects me to bowl well every single day. it's like you can't even bowl then dont expect so much! that morning i bowled 165 average which is slightly better than my usual bowling. and she was scolding me for people bowling better than me. it's obvious that many ppl bowl better than me. and i know that,i'm also okay with that. cos my bowling isin't good. it's dropping): don't know why.
later i'll be having training again at mt faber 2pm. don't want lah. i hv to go back to my previous coach. eee. don't like lah. my mother force me one):then actually it ends at 4 but zenn has tuition and there's keppel training at 4 also. ya so zenn and me have to leave early.

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Monday, June 05, 2006 @2:23 AM

): trianing was so bad today! I couldn't even hit the pocket for 3/4 of the training. and almost everyone could hit the pocket.): so sad. oh and jasmine wants to buy a new ball. identical to mine. cos she likes it. haha. anyway i kinda forgot that today's my mother's birthday. haha. we're going out to eat tonight oh man have to eat at swensens. can't my mother think of other better places to eat at?! so boring.-_- but i don't wanna miss my 9 oclock show! so sad! nevermind, i shall record it.
oh! and something really wierd happened to my mp3 player! the whole earpiece broke. as in the caver came off. oh. i don't really know howth explain it. anyway, it's like so new. i think it's 2 and a half months old only. not sure if we can send it back to creative and get it replaced. but i don't think they would replace it.
They would most probably think i broke it or what. they might think i sat on it or stepped on it. nevermind. i''ll ask daddy when he comes back from work(:

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Saturday, June 03, 2006 @9:21 AM

bowled at interclub today. (: went there around 7. couldn't find a carpark lot so daddy dropped me and mummy off first. went in to eat(: the squid was damn good!(:
okay. then during the practice shots, i tried my new ball and my old one. yupp. the old ball was bad! couldn/t hook at all. so decided to use the new one! hahah. and guess what! my 1st game was like shit! everyone was striking all the way. and i was like the only one who didn't even get a sigle strike!~shity game): oh only my last shot that i got a strike.-_- i was like so super duper sad already. and the air-con was freaking cold. i kept shivering. couldn't help it. and keppel lost the 1st game,): everyone in keppel was bowling well. only me. the lowest in keppel was like 180+ and i was like 1**! dun wanna tell! too low! okay. then the 2nd game wasn't as bad as the 1st, but still. it was quite bad. i din get many strikes nor spares. damn cold la! and i suddenly started sneezing like some retarded person. couldn't take it! yupp. lst 2nd game again but it was a very close fight. lost by very very little! 14 pins or something like that. last game was okay. better than the other two games. and we won! yay! we won overall 3 - 2 yup. goodluck to jiaxin next week(:
after interclub went macs. the turtle one. ordered my macFLUFFY! hahah so funny. (thet's wad tiffy calls it) haha.
okay, at least me average din drop by a lot(:
gonna sleep now(:

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